Artwork Spotlight: Orly Maiberg ‘Blue Hole’

Orly Maiberg, Blue Hole, 2020, Ink paint and collage on raw canvas, 64.2 x 69.3 inches / 163 x 176 cm


In this series of Orly Maiberg’s works from 2020, the artist continues her investigation of the relationship between nature and human kind, depicting nature at a state of amplified disorder. She does this through exploring other means of painting rather than the conservative ones.

Dipping raw loose canvas in ink baths,  pouring and splashing paint, drawing and staining while the canvas is spraled on the studio floor. The extensive use of collage serves the purpose of creating twisted topographic maps, in which human figures emerge and navigate as if they were survivors. The borders between the human figure and the landscape it occupies are once again examined and reassessed.




Blue Hole (detail), 2020, Ink paint and collage on raw canvas


Blue Hole (detail), 2020, Ink paint and collage on raw canvas




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