The Fine Art Prints of Lea Nikel

Born in 1918 in Ukraine, Nikel is widely considered one of the most important, influential Israeli artists. Nikel was selected to represent Israel in the 32nd Venice Biennale in 1964, as well as the Johannesburg Biennale, South Africa and the Biennale in Chile.

Nikel’s work is characterized by vibrant colors, vitality and spontaneity. She famously combined the use of paintbrushes, scraping, carving, finger painting, dripping and collage to create the colors and textures which formed her unique personal visual language.

She was an accomplished print maker, and created a large body of work in both silkscreen and etching techniques. In 1990 she created a limited edition of silkscreens, which were exhibited at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and we are proud to feature them here on Art Source.

In 1995 Nikel was the recipient of the Israel Prize for Painting, the most prestigious prize for an Israeli artist. Among her other awards are a  UNESCO medal for her activity as well as the Chevalier d’Arts et Lettres, awarded by the French Minister of Culture.

She held many solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums around the world, including a retrospective in The Tel Aviv Museum of Art (1995), The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Haifa Museum of Art and museums in France, New York, The United Kingdom, Japan, The Netherlands and more.

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