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Mixed media on canvas
40.5 x 55 inches / 103 x 140 cm

Orly Maiberg

Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel in 1958, she lives and works.

Throughout her long career in the israeli art world she exhibited in a numerous amount of solo and group exhibitions both locally and abroad.
In her paintings Maiberg often uses human figures to investigate man’s relationship with nature, examining the boundaries between truth and illusion, the internal and external, dreams and reality, portraits and landscapes. The sceneries in her paintings are endless and the human figures are defined yet abstract at the same time, leaving them to the viewer’s interpretation.

In each of her serieses, Maiberg experiments with different techniques and styles; from photography-based realistic paintings through watercolors and sketches to oil on canvases pending in the exhibition space.
Nonetheless, a recurring motif throughout her versatile work is the sea, as water is an element that she personally feels connected to.

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