Get to Know: Anna Mirkin

Anna Mirkin is an emerging artist originally from Moscow and is based in Berlin and Tel Aviv.  We’ve been following Anna’s work from the early days of her artistic career, and it’s been a joy to see how her practice has developed over the years. These days, she exhibits her work both in Europe and Israel.

Age: 36

Currently living in: 

I moved to Berlin almost 2 years ago. I was planning on splitting my time between Tel Aviv and Berlin, but with current traveling restrictions it’s 100% Berlin.

Anna Mirkin, Just Don’t Say Anything, 2020

We love your new series of colorful collages on paper, is this a new technique you’re using? Can you tell us a bit about your creative process? 

They are great fun to make, the collages are made from papers that I color with soft pastel colors. So, I have days in which I just prepare colorful papers with different gradients and textures. It’s a very intuitive process, I don’t pre-plan the artworks. On other days, I cut them and mix them into collages, adding another layer of associations to the initial colors. With each step I try to connect to my own memories and emotional experiences, bringing honesty to the artwork, in order to highlight the collective and generic nature of these images. 

Anna Mirkin, Studio Shot, Instagram

Favorite artistic place in Berlin? 

Lately I find the shows at Martin-Gropius-Bau exhibition house the most inspiring. The visits there always leave me with both questions and revelations. 

Secret spot in Tel Aviv? 

Thrash addiction shop on 46 Allenby St. – all of my favorite t-shirts are from this magical place run by Yaniv Sharon. 

Anna Mirkin, Dreaming As Floating, 2016

What’s your hidden talent? 


A goal you haven’t achieved yet? 

My goals are ever changing, I try to focus on the tasks ahead, and I’m always dreaming up new adventures. Currently I’m working on an immersive installation that will be participatory, playful, and include augmented reality. 


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