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Pencil on paper
14 x 20 inches / 35 x 49 cm

Anna Mirkin

Born in Moscow, Russia, in 1983, Anna immigrated to Israel with her family at the age of 9. Since her graduation from art school she has been working in Tel Aviv’s public spaces and became one of Israel’s most prominent street artists.

Mirkin first discovered her love for street art during an internship in London, and brought it back to Tel Aviv with her as she returned. As a multidisciplinary artist, she combines different disciplines in both the materials she uses and the subject matters of her work. Incorporating various mediums as drawing, painting, textile, sculpting, photography, video, community-based projects, and site-specific installations, Mirkin simultaneously works in the fashion industry, as designer, lecturer, and stylist.

Mirkin currently lives and works in Tel Aviv and is an active member of the city’s young creative scene.

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