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Soft pastel on paper, collage
13.7 x 16.5 inches / 35 x 42 cm

Anna Mirkin

Anna Mirkin is a multidisciplinary artist born in Moscow (1983), currently living and working in Berlin and Tel Aviv. Her work involves the use of drawing and painting as sculptures and installations through duplication and repetition of patterns. She merges different disciplines and mediums in her practice, combining textile, print and embroidery with participatory and community-based projects. Mirkin's work explores the collective sub consciousness that appears in everyday situations and cultural rituals.
Mirkin explores themes like social constructs and cultural conditioning in different groups, as opposed to psychological archetypes that are in the base of the human existence – the collective subconsciousness. Always looking for extremes and abnormalities, in which the greater base of the human experience shines through.
Mirkin's work has been extensively exhibited in Tel Aviv, Vienna, New York, Beijing - representing the Israeli embassy at Art Beijing, with solo shows in The Haifa Museum of art, Be'eri Gallery, STA art gallery in Tel Aviv and more. Her work was exhibited in Helena Rubinstein pavilion of contemporary art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

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