Art Source Top Picks: with Amitai Hazan Tiroche, CEO of Tiroche Auction House

Amitai Hazan Tiroche is the CEO of Tiroche Auction House. Amitai grew up surrounded by his family’s passion for Israeli art. His grandfather, Jean Tiroche, was an art dealer and gallery owner in Jaffa in the 1950’s; Amitai’s uncles, Serge and Mickey Tiroche, are among Israel’s leading collectors of Israeli and International art, and Amitai’s father, Dov Hazan founded Tiroche Auction House in 1992.

Amitai Hazan Tiroche

For the past 5 years, Amitai has been managing the auction house with a special focus on technological innovation and online bidding. While he personally collects modern Israeli art, he is deeply committed to supporting the contemporary art scene in Israel, which is why Tiroche has endorsed the Art Collectors Il community for Israeli art collectors. In addition, Amitai is currently working on Tiroche’s very first Contemporary Art Auction, to take place in the coming year.

We asked Amitai to share a few of his favorite artworks by Israeli artists! 

Zoya Cherkassky, A Weekend at the Lake, 2020

Zoya Cherkassky is one of my favorite Israeli artists, thanks to her ingenuity and sense of humor, reflected in her superb technique. I appreciate artists who are inspired by art history and this work refers to Georges Seruat’s, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, one of the most iconic artworks, to which she gives a contemporary interpretation.

Tal Shochat, Olive (Beit Jimal), 2017

Though I’m not normally a fan of photography, I’ve always loved Tal Shochat‘s work. From her superb use of technical elements and lighting to create artificial aesthetics, to the symbolism in her iconic trees, which refer to relevant topics such as peace vs. war or Orientalism.

Miriam Cabessa, Untitled, 2017

Shai Azoulay, Bus #175, 2018

Shai Azoulay is another super intelligent artist who creates colorful large, yet intimate canvases. I love this painting since it refers to one of the greatest abstract expressionist artists of the 20th century, Joan Miro, and also the Calder’s mobiles, with a local middle eastern point of view.

Lihi Turjeman, Untitled, 2016

I remember first seeing Lihi Turjeman‘s work back in 2011. I love her expressive technique in large formats and believe she will be one of the most dominant artists in the Israeli contemporary market in the future.

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