Artwork Spotlight: Liat Elbling ‘Generate Shemi #1’

Liat Elbling is among the most original voices in today’s local photography scene. Known for her exceptionally developed aesthetic sense, and for her  intense, astutely composed photographs that convey a deeply insightful conceptual outlook. Her photographs frequently place the medium of photography and the photographer herself in the witness stand, where this medium is explored and examined while the photographer is required to provide testimony.
She developed a technique of creating and photographing small scale architectural models that defy the viewer’s perception of the space they are experiencing.

Her piece ‘Generate Shemi #1’ was born from Liat Elbling’s research of one of the fathers of Israeli sculpture, Yechiel Shemi, and a specific piece Elbling was especially drawn to.

Elbling recreated the sculpture in her own language using a model she constructed and painted. She then photographed it in a way that, in her words “blurred the boundaries of the work, in terms of medium as well as material, to the point that you can no longer distinguish the sculpture from the background or the photograph from the frame”.

With these actions, Elbling touches on the fundamental principles of photography – its ability to preserve, mediate, and represent and examines how these principles impact our perception of “what was there” through its representation.

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*Photo credit: Atelier Shemi

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