Artwork Spotlight: Guy Zagursky

Guy Zagursky, Untitled, 2018-2019, embroidery on iron

Sculptor Guy Zagursky is best known for his playful artistic objects and installations. He is greatly inspired by the classic tattoo culture, with images from the worlds of sailing, nature and pop culture often emerging in his pieces. Zagursky uses this imagery to critically deal with issues of masculinity, body image and contemporary culture. This striking object is made of iron, into which Zagursky painstakingly drilled tiny holes to manually embroider the image of an ancient ship, reminiscent of a pirate ship – a classic sailor tattoo reference. His signature technique of embroidering on heavy metals requires meticulous work and effort, emphasizing the contrast between the intense labor put into the sculptures and the light-as-air images placed on them.

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Guy Zagursky, detail

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