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Photography, Pigmented Inkjet Print on FineArt paper
28 x 36 inches / 70 X 92 cm
Edition of six + 2 ap

Vera Vladimirsky

Born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, in 1984, she immigrated to Israel with her family at a young age - an experience that substantially shaped her personality and artistic style.

Vladimirsky’s is best known for her layered hybrid images, derived from her personal biography and her experience of immigration. She metaphorically approaches the relationship between domestic and exterior spaces, between architecture and nature, expressing collective cultural values. Her works represent a personal examination of space as an analogy for merging cultures and the tensions between them; they explore the cultural, economic and political structures through which codes and tastes are formed.

In her multilayered photographs Vladimirsky uses manual and digital tools as she aspires to challenge the medium of photography, question its capacity to mediate reality, and intervene with its representation.

Selected Works

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