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Oil on canvas, diptych
159 x 57 inches / 404 x 145 cm

Tsibi Geva

Born in 1951 in Kibbutz Ein Shemer, Israel, he represented Israel at the Venice Biennale in 2015 and is considered one of Israel’s most influential artists.

Using recurring motifs as birds, flowers, windows, Arab kaffiyehs, bricks and backgammon, and often accompanying these with written words, Geva subtly implies complex and indirect messages through his works. His melancholic paintings and sculptures revolve around the socio-political daily reality in Israel, dealing with intercultural exchanges and conflicts between “East” and “West”.

Geva completed his studies in Israel and New York and has been teaching art in leading institutions for nearly three decades. He currently lives and works in Tel-Aviv and keeps exhibiting worldwide.

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