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Oil and acrylic on canvas
82.5 x 65 inches / 210 x 166 cm

Shai Yehezkelli

Born in 1979 in Jerusalem, Israel.
Yehezkelli's religious upbringing is evident in the traces of Judaism, mysticism and national history that still prevail in his work today.

In his paintings and drawings Yehezkelli frequently questions his local and universal identity; as a young man, as a citizen of the world, and as an Israeli artist. His works are both expressive and reserved at the same time, connecting the relationship between painting and artistic processes to Middle-Eastern, Jewish, political and identity related narratives. The subject matter of his artworks is often a functional image or a symbol that interests him and that, alongside the unique composition and color, activate the painting.

Yehezkeli currently lives, works, and teaches art in Tel Aviv, and exhibits both in Israel and abroad.

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