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Inkjet print of color photograph
23.5 x 35.5 inches / 60 x 90 cm
Edition of 5 + 2 AP

Pavel Wolberg

Born in Leningrad, USSR in 1966, photographer Pavel Wolberg lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Wolberg creates images which capture the life and culture of Israeli society from a 'wide-angle' view: children, adults, soldiers, settlers, punk rockers, religious Jews, political occurrences and cultural traditions are all a part of Wolberg's body of work. Given that his oeuvre is shown in the framework of two different contexts – art venues and journalistic publications - questions of defining the boundaries between the two are prominent in Wolberg's awareness, as he often expresses his thoughts of where journalism ends and art begins, or vice versa.
Essentially, he is a photographer whose work is the documentation of relevant day-to-day life for journalistic purposes. To him, the politics of the imagery is irrelevant to the work. The conflicting political situation in Israel acts as defining material for him as a photographer; hence he follows the process and developments around him mainly due to the fact that photography is ultimately his 'day job'. When asked about the political in his work, Wolberg insists that he has no control over what is seen in the photographs and feels that the connection to the political situation is an element that is not consciously chosen but lies as a 'natural' resource existing around him; thus, Wolberg's photography is passive, devoid of any apparent ideological view or political agenda; he shoots and leaves…in descriptive terms, this mainly concerns "Israel" – a designation of the already-yet unframed, that which is more of an event than a locus.

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