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Gouache and tempera on paper
58.5 x 40.5 inches / 149 x 103.5 cm

Orna Bromberg

Born in 1955 in Tel Aviv, she lives and works in Israel.

Orna Bromberg's first solo exhibition took place at Dvir gallery in 1985. Since then she has had several more solo exhibitions at the gallery. Bromberg has exhibited in group shows in Tel Aviv museum of Art, Haifa Museum, Eretz Israel Museum and more.
In her works a congealing of a childhood moment repeats itself constantly, and is expressed in the use of a small group of images in many different methods and contexts; the girl with the matchstick legs, Fish, Flowers and Prey Birds. Her choice of a seemingly naïve and 'childish' style of painting holds a struggle with terrifying nightmarish themes.

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