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Manual paper cut
13 x 22 inches / 33 x 55.5 cm

Noa Yekutieli

Born in the USA in 1989, she lives and works in Tel Aviv and Los Angeles.

She creates site specific installations, working mostly in manual paper-cutting techniques.
In her work, Yekutieli examines the collective memory of past events that have changed reality: natural and man-made disasters. During the manual paper-cutting process, she cuts out each shredded fragment, and thus “create destruction” over a long period of time. This ritual is contradictory to how destruction really happens, when, in a time fraction something complete shatters into millions of pieces.
The result is extremely detailed, complex, and emotionally charged installations that exist in relationship to the space, light and surroundings in which they are being exhibited.

Yekutieli has participated in a great amount of solo and group exhibitions, and held public art installations in Asia and the US.

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