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Inkjet print
47 x 35.5 inches / 120 x 90 cm

Nelly Agassi

Born in 1973 in Israel, she lives and works in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Multidisciplinary artist Nelly Agassi works with installation, performance, video, and paper. Agassi draws inspiration from the female body, at times using her own body and biography as the subject her work. Agassi explores and comments on the notion of physical presence especially pertaining to the female identity. Agassi uses self-expression and her own body as an instrument to obtain a universal human language.
Agassi has participated in over ten solo shows internationally since her memorable 1997 debut exhibition, in which she knitted a dress around her own body. Her work is part of the permanent collections of The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

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