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Print on paper
12 x 12 inches / 30 x 30 cm

Moran Kliger

Born in 1981 in Israel, prior to her Postgraduate studies in Fine Arts, she accomplished a Bachelor Degree in visual communications and has been since infusing art, design and illustration to create her unique artistic style.

Kliger’s figurative narrative drawings are large in scale and recognizable for the thin, graphic, neutral lines they are composed of. Her inspiration stems from childhood fairy tales, myths, biblical stories and folklore, undermining gender-related cultural codes. In her works, Kliger puts forward the tension between the domesticated vs. the wild, the dark element within the human psyche. She explores the thin line between being human in a restrained, civilized world, and being a savage animal, expanding the discourse to the relationship between nature and culture.

Kliger has recently returned from her residency at Cité International des Art Residency in Paris, France and currently lives and works in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Selected Works

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