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Acrylic and oil spray on Canvas
59 x 47.2 inches / 150 x 120 cm

Jossef Krispel

Born in Israel in 1974, he started studying art at the young age of 15, accomplished a Bachelor and Master degrees in Fine-Art and Photography, and took part in several exchange programs and residencies around the world. Such experiences exposed Krispel to different cultures, people and histories and are evident throughout his works.

Inspired by Greek Mythology, Late Baroque and European culture, Krispel uses materials and subjects derived from different sources such as encyclopedias, books, websites, albums, archives and archaeological sites; depicting a universe abundant with sexuality, violence, hunting, human body figures and portraits. Although varying in style and technique, his paintings and drawings has two leitmotifs that connect them - death and romance.

Krispel currently lives and works in Tel Aviv and has been teaching art at Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design for over a decade. He exhibits nationally and internationally and edits collective exhibitions with his peer Israeli artists.

Selected Works

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