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17.5 x 23.5 inches / 45 x 60 cm
Edition of 5 + AP

Irit Tamari

Born in Israel in 1976, she is an experimental artist working with various manipulations of photography; inscribing and peeling the photo surface, making collages and pop-up collages, cutting and mixing photos to compose 3D objects, and creating site-specific installations.

Her unique approach to photography stems from a deconstructive sculptural perspective that results in the intersection of the two mediums; expanding and challenging any categorical boundaries between them. The photograph serves Tamari as a material rather than a fixed visual, allowing her to question the essence of images.
In her recent site-specific installations Tamari photographed the space itself and turned it into material, transforming its essence from a room that accommodates art to the art itself while inciting a spatial dialog between space and its representation.

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