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Color photography, inkjet print in varying dimensions
24.02 x 35.04 inches / 61 x 89 cm
Edition of 3

David Adika

Born in 1970, Israel, he lives and works in Tel Aviv.

David Adika’s work focuses on the visual and cultural components of the Israeli domestic space as a microcosm that represents and reflects upon social and familial identity. This photographic corpus contains food representations, still-life objects, domestic artifacts, “domesticated” plants and portraits. Adika’s images blur the boundaries between an abstract conceptual visual language and lush visual accuracy. Spotlighting local cultural characteristics, his photographs tie together issues of taste and social class. His ‘visual research’ studies intimate yet universal biographies, in which he explores cultures in a way that highlights his own sense of the ‘alien’. Adika’s works aim to unfold the familiar and unfamiliar aspects of everyday life.

Selected Works

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