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Sculptured painting
Different tubes hand-applied into specially forged iron grid
33.5 x 33.5 inches / 85 x 85 cm

Aviv Grinberg

Born in 1991 in Herzliya, Israel, he lives and works in Tel-Aviv.

Grinberg has recently accomplished his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Shenkar College in Tel Aviv and has already been marked by the local scene as an emerging young artist to follow.

In his paintings and installations, Grinberg uses cleaning agents he sources from old shops in his neighborhood as colors, combining them with industrial materials. He sees the disinfectant and bleaching fluids as phosphorescent, scented and abundant with toxic chemicals that express the desire for white as a clean and pure color, both esthetically and metaphorically.
The topics Grinberg addresses in his work are derived from personal past and current experiences, and at the same time commenting on the broader geographical and social context in which they emerge.

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